Neji [Screw] :: Yuki Kaori
:: translated by tenno yukie ::
:: Act I - Awakening :: Act II - X ::
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neji act i

Act I - Awakening

(in a dream...)

guy : [let's run! (grab a girl's hand and ran)]
voices : [they're escaping! (gun shot fired) kill them!!]

(blood, the guy and the girl both fall)

text : yes, that was our death. if we just pass away like that, will I be going to the same place as her? (then someone approached the boy) ? who... are you? (a little boy stood over his body, he was wearing a plain t-shirt with sleeves cut open to reveal a number tattooed on his shoulder/arm) what's that number that he's got on his shoulder? (close up, the number 66)
boy in white shirt (mumbling) : [I am Neji... I am a neji *screw*. (the guy looks surprised *I thought he's supposed to be dead ~.~*)]
text : N E J I

(bang! he wakes up)

guy (look around) : [what... is this place...?] ! (turn around and sees himself in the mirror) white hair!? (note: he had short black hair in the dream) [and it's so long...!! (in shock)] and... what's this number...! (close up of his arm, same type of tattoo like in the dream, #205, same white t-shirt)
somebody (enters) : that's your identification number, sleeping beauty. (a tall dark haired man appear at the door, dressed in some sort of uniform) I am Loser, your supervisor.
guy : [who the hell is this guy...?]
loser : remember that, number 205.
guy : [supervisor...!?] I don't know what you're talking about but don't call me by a number! my name is...!
loser (half mockingly) : oh? your name is?
guy (freeze) : my... name... (sweat) [shit... what is it, I can't remember!]

(but then he remembers the dream)

boy in white shirt (flashback) : [I am Neji...]
guy (very troubled) : N... it's Neji...
loser : Neji? strange name. alright, Neji, (takes out a remote control, displays an image of the city) take a look at this. this is no longer the world you've once known. we're in the year 2033 and it's been 10 years since you've died.
neji : WHA...! [I died...!?]
loser : you were executed as a first degree criminal in 2023, and now revived, one of the Rebirthers as a test subject for GERA. however to the outside, you're dead and your citizenship and civilian rights have all been erased. you are only going to work for the sake of this country from now on.
neji : you... think I'm going to believe... some stupid shit like that!? (he explodes angrily, his powers break some furniture in the room) what the hell!?
loser (unmoved) : that's your power. yes... we have confirmed that you have some immeasurable psychic power. that is why GERA chose you, from now on, remember you are under my control.
neji (crack up cynically) : heh... (looks up darkly) heh... I still don't believe you, but if that's the case... (sudden blast of energy) the hell I'm getting out of here!

(his energy blast touch a barrier around loser and is completely nullified)

neji (shock) : [the shield of light... absorbed it!?]
loser (energy gathering in one hand, very dark) : you are only getting out of here... (hits neji full on) when you defeat me!

(looks down at neji who lies on the floor unconscious *KOed* there is a small camera on the wall that is observing the room, a well educated looking man *typically middle-age, glasses* speaks to loser through it)

camera (that sounds funny for some reason) : don't be too violent, loser. that's an important marmotte *guinea pig*. loser : he's amazing. turned his hatred into aura and released it... he can be fully utilized if we can control him.
camera (or rather the man behind the camera) : do you still remember? the boy who was once in that room... ----- sharif haiman...!
loser (remembers a past image) : ......

(time elapse... neji is walking around GERA's lab following loser)

neji : [what the hell is this place...? a shooting practice range? all silent and expressionless white hair people. (notes that all the people around him are white hair GERA agents) vacant eyes, like completely dependent replicants *clones*
loser (just as neji is looking around) : hurry up, neji. they are all specimens like you, you can tell since their hair's white.
neji : they look like marionettes.
loser : of course. they don't have a heart because they've died once before. you are the only specimen here who has a mind of your own. (neji seems shocked, loser enters a code to open a door) but there are still more of them. see for yourself.

(door open, inside are all these tubes with naked humans sleeping in them, many many of them)

neji (really shocked) : ! t... they are all specimens!?
loser : that's right. they are the normal people without special powers, to be used as body specimens for the good of improving medicine. it is still not understood why rebirthers are endowed with psychic powers.

(as loser speaks, neji can only look in shock, in one of the tubes is a face he recognized)

neji : [that's her!! it has to be...!! that dream...]
loser : was she your lover?
neji : eh...?
loser : that girl was sent here with you from the same incident, you were probably related in your lifetime. the doctors here call her Snow White.
neji : [Snow White...! that's right. I've loved her since a very long time ago...!! (looks at the girl, then more shocking news comes to him)]
loser : her dissection is in a week.
neji (burst out) : wh...! then her life is...!!
loser : it's for the sake of the country. that can't be helped. you people have no rights.
neji (gathers power again angrily) : what fucking bullshit!! (and naturally he is blasted back again by loser)
loser (standing over him) : you just don't learn.
neji (on the floor) : damn you...!
loser : then how about this, Neji? if you will accept the training here and work for the government... I will apply for her dissection to be cancelled. (neji's eyes widen, loser smiles) well... would you sell your soul to me...? Neji.
neji : a pact with the devil huh... how sickening.
loser :
neji (breaks down in the end) : ...alright. I'll do it. (cries)
loser : good boy.
neji (clings onto snow white's tube and cries) : I'll do it, damn it-------!!

(back in neji's room... he's sitting on the bed rather bored... on the glass mirror next to the bed, the image of a young boy appears)

boy : ~I want to get out...~
neji : ?
boy : ~I want to go outside... I want to be free...!~ (he looks miserable, a closer look at his shoulder)
neji (freaked out) : i... inside the mirror...!! what the hell? you... [No.66!! that's the guy in the dream!] ! (touches the mirror gently) [this... is not a ghost. memories...! are these the remains of his past memories...? ------the person who lived in this room before me...!?]

(scene change again, the doctor/scientist -camera dude from before- is speaking with loser)

doctor : loser, how's he doing? No.205?
loser : doctor, take a look. that cube.

(neji is in the same room undergoing testing, he's holding a cube in his hand and concentrating with his eyes closed, a moment later, the cube appears on a designated location on the table)

doctor : ohh! that's perfect teleportation, a G type!
loser : while resisting, he's passed all the training with very strong motivation and psyche waves...! (neji looks exhausted and takes off his headset) he's going great in such a short time... it's about time to use him...

(next scene, shows neji a photo of a man)

loser : neji, look at this man's face.
neji : he's not my type.
loser : you are to kill him. (neji looks up surprised, loser smiles) it's your first job.

(as they drive to the location...)

neji : why... am I to eliminate him?
loser : he's some big politician. you do not need to know anything beyond that.
neji (protest) : WHAT!?
loser : the country is a puppet held together by screws *neji*, there's a right arm, a left foot, but if the politicians are the head, then what the screws are holding together are the people. you are one of the screws at the edge, and a screw only needs to do a screw's job. (neji leans back with a . face) neji, if you succeed on this assignment, they're going to take Snow White out of the tube. (neji looks surprised) she'll have her own room and handled like all the other rebirthers, you can go see her anytime you like. how does that sound?

(next scene, standing in the back of a large auditarium, neji looks at the man talking on stage)

neji : [so that's him.]
text : I have no grudge or hatred for you, but I will have to kill you. just accept it as fate, [although it's still useless if you resist], I'll be picked up by the SP sensor in 55 seconds, I'll kill you before that!
neji (gets ready to go in) : [he talks too much. (focus energy) here I go!!] (suddenly a wave of random images) ! [his... thoughts, his thoughts for his family and friends came into my head!! (freeze)]
girl : [daddy, good luck! I love you!]
woman : [I believe in you, my love.]
man : [thank you very much, sir.]

(ouside in the car)

loser (sense it) : [neji!?]

(inside, the security guards have a device that locked onto neji because he's wasted time)

guard 1 : hey!! the sensor's reacting!
guard 2 : there's a terrorist/psychic in here, that way! (those two mean the same thing??? meaning terrorist=psychic in this world? how sad...)
loser (power up the car) : that idiot! finish it quickly!
neji (still frozen on the spot) : [it's no good, concentrate. (suddenly hears loser's voice)]
loser : [focus your raging emotions on one spot!!]
text : Snow White

(the image of snow white comes to mind, the politician looks up just then)

politician : huh...? (the next moment his head explodes in front of everyone)
neji (freaked out) : [I killed him, I killed him, I ki...]
guard 2 (running around w/ a gun) : fuck!! how's the reaction!?
guard 1 (still holding on to the sensor) : almost there!

(suddenly, neji gets knocked out by something, the sensor machine beeps)

guard 1 (informs the others regrettably) : it vanished.

(in the car, neji is sleeping on loser's lap as they head back)

neji (mumbling in his sleep?) : uh...
loser (driving) : you've done well, neji. you must be tired, since it was the first time you handled a living target. sleep a little while longer.
text : somehow...
neji (thinking, sweatdrop) : getting myself forcibly knocked out...
text : it's very comfortable on loser's lap.
neji : loser... before in my room... there lived a boy, right...
loser (silence) : ...... yes, Sharif Haiman...
neji : what... happened to him?
loser : he... did very well and was promoted to higher levels. (looks over at neji who had already fallen asleep)
text (neji's voice) : Sharif Haiman...! yes, he was there. day after day, he stared at the same scenery, wanting only to be free and go outside, yearning for the same thing as I, he really did live here.

(back in GERA, neji runs to see Snow White who now has her own room and is out of the tube. she's sitting and wearing a dress although it doesn't look like she has a soul of her own)

neji : Snow White! (slows down when he sees her) how... are you feeling? (her eyes are blank) oh... it really is you, there's no mistake about it. (approach her slowly) how strange this is... although I don't remember anything from the past life, nothing has changed and I still... love you as I did before. (gets excited) I'll surely get out of here one day, it's happened before! someone has gotten out before, the guy who lived in my room before... if I do well, I can get out of here! and this time I'll hold your hand we go together......! even if you do not hold me in your eyes... someday, I will...! [I will...!]

(leans down and kisses snow white, elsewhere in a control room, loser and other scientists are observing...)

assistants : doctor!! there's a reaction coming from her side!
doctor : what!? impossible... that can't be...

(neji has his hands on her shoulder and he suddenly gets a rush of flashbacks)

neji : snow...! UH!? [there are images coming from her...!? no, this is...! memories from our past life. (a punk like kid, and a high class young lady) me, and her. we've always only looked at each other from afar, our worlds were too different. until that day, my friends kidnapped snow white for ransom...]
girl (struggling) : nooo, let go of me!
neji : [I... betrayed my friends and ran away with her. (scene where he knocked down one of his own people and ran off with the girl) and... (they fell in blood)]

(recovering from the flashback, neji looked at snow white and there were tears on both of their faces)

neji (embracing her tightly) : [it's different, it's different from what loser told me!!]
loser (enters) : ----so it looks like you remembered... you were all people from the 20th century who were put into cold sleep gambling on a chance of future technology that can revive the dead. they were all once rich and powerful people, but now nothing more than a living corpse. you died in the year 1992, and was put into cold sleep by her father as the one who tried to saved her. that is strange though, the past which can become a disruption should have been removed before your resurrection.
neji : then you mean... it was erased on purpose? (neji looks up with a crazed look in his eyes) [my family, name, friends, lover, the proof of my existence] you people... took... my memory...
loser (unaffected) : that's correct.

(neji looks down angrily and suddenly runs out of the room)

loser : neji!?

(neji goes to a computer counsol room, and pushes the staff guy there out of the way)

staff : hey! that's the list data of specimens!
neji (push him away) : shut up!
staff (draws a gun) : damn you! (loser appears and hold him off)
loser : wait. I'll take responsibility for this.

(neji looks through the database and finds what he's looking for)

neji : [there! sharif haiman!]
data : rebirther No.66, name: Sharif Haiman (profile of a boy appears on screen) cold sleep calculated age 14 years old, E-SP type X-R

(neji's eyes turn wide, the profile of sharif has a big X on it, and stamped with "ERASURE"... excuse yuki-sensei for her english ~.~ i think a better word in this case would be "DELETED")

text : ERASURE... "deleted"
neji (turns around angrily and yells at loser) : you killed him, didn't you!! that Sharif Haiman!
loser : that boy was never really made to be an executioner, always thinking about going outside. one day in his struggle, the doctor and assistants died, so of course he was punished.
neji (angry) : shut up!! I was a fool for believing you!! (energy overflow) let's see if you're still going to use me after I kill all of you!! (his power wrecks the rooms)
staff (something explodes very close to him) : eek!
neji (more explosions around loser) : see if you can live through this one!! (suddenly someone shot him from behind, neji falls)
loser (look up) : doctor!!
doctor (holding a fired gun) : looks like that's his limit. we'll perform brain surgery on him tomorrow, turn him into something a little more obedient.
loser : ! wait! that's just...
doctor : none of the rebirthers we bore so far has been an exception to medication. it is troubling to have them expose such frightening power.
loser (protest) : but...
doctor : loser!! that is an order! (loser speaks no more) now we will first study Snow White, there is perhaps still something more to her from that reaction earlier. (as for neji who is KOed on the ground) lock him up for now.
loser : ...yes, doctor. (seems to be worried about neji) [neji!!]

(scene change, next day, one of the staff members walls in the hallway, neji suddenly jump out and grab them from behind)

neji (strangling him) : where is Snow White!?
staff : UH! neji (threateningly) : tell me where is she!?
staff : E... E45 operation room...!

(elsewhere, an officer rush into loser's room...)

officer : master loser! he ran away, broke lock on the door...!

(in the operation room, a bloody scapel falls to the ground... the doctor who is standing by the operation table looks up from his files)

docotr : wha... you are... what are you doing here, in the middle of the operation...! (neji doesn't hear him, all he sees is the body of snow white on the table)) get out! (snow white's face has been covered, there's blood all over her body - already began the dissection)
other people (calling out in the background) : get him!! just kill him! (yet neji doesn't hear them)
neji (silence -> explodes) : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-----

(his powers completely unleashed, everyone in the room dies from... their head exploding. yes bloody, I know... someone enters the bloody operation room afterwards)

loser : so it stopped... (neji has his back to him, loser slowly takes off his gloves) in the end, I am also only a screw... who must bow to power. (energy gathers in his hand) therefore, I cannot let you get away. (neji turns around, there's a very scary light in his eyes, and he draws out his power without a word) psychic wave again? have you forgotten that my barrier absorbs all energy waves no matter how strong it is?

(neji doesn't reply, only gathers a huge energy ball in his hands, suddenly, the energy ball vanishes from his hands)

loser (shock) : [he teleported it!?] (the energy ball reappears in his face) ! [into the shield...] ne... (huge explosion) NEJI!!

(almost the whole building blows up, even if not the whole building, the top floors are gone. loser lies in all that wreckage, neji is still standing)

text (neji remembers good times he had with loser) : loser... (thinks of snow white) let's go together, snow white. this time, we will...

(some movement from loser, he threw something at neji who caught it)

neji : !
loser (looks beat up ~.~) : take it.
neji : loser!?
loser : it's a special government made fake ID, it'll come in handy. you can't go anywhere outside without it.
neji : you're letting me get away...? why...

(loser suddenly rips the sleeve on his shoulder, on his arm is the tattoo of the number 66)

neji (shock) : ! [No.66!?] you... you're... Sharif Haiman!?
loser (laugh) : no... sharif haiman is really dead. when I gave my life to the devil...! after that, instead of being disposed of, I got a tracker planted into my head. ...I can no longer escape to anywhere. this place will be my grave.
neji (speechless) : loser...
loser : now go...! next time we meet, I will kill you.
neji (cries) : LOSER!!
loser : go!!

(neji runs out of there into a new future, loser closed his eyes)

loser : [live, neji...!]

end of Act I - Awakening

yukie's note : the name GERA, according to the japanese kanji of the name, I think it stands for something along the lines of Government ESP Research Agency... can't be too far off.

neji act ii

(in a dark alley, neji is lying on the ground, someone is standing over him and kicks him to see if he's still alive)

girl : hm... what's this? pitiful man. are you in for a job?
neji : ...... I'll do it.
girl : huh?
neji : if... I need to... I can kill people.
girl : heh, well said. (extend hand) come on, get up. what's your name?
neji (takes her hand) : I am... Neji.

Act II - X

(passengers on an airplane... or rather, space shuttle)

passenger : man, we really live in a world of luxury. this special resort space colony was only a dream 50 years ago, since space traveling like this made it possible. (concerned) young man, you don't look too well, is this your first time riding a shuttle?
boy : huh...? uh, yeah. passenger : recently on earth, I hear the people of "Blanks" are going up against the government, everyone's on the run... hey... you really look bad...
boy (his left eye glows freakily) : ...shut up! (grabs the man's shirt angrily) stop mumbling shit in my ear! can't you see that I have a headache?
flight attendents (come near) : hey, there's something up with that guy! sir? while we're off the ground, please have your seatbelt...
boy (holds head in pain) : what's wrong with me... my... b...o...d...y... my... eye...! (the shuttle prepares to lift off)
flight attendent : eye? um... sir...?

(suddenly, his left eye explodes >.<)

boy : ...ah...? (his body floats in the air and blood is gushing out like his head exploded, people scream in horror)
text : my... body...!! doesn't have... a left eye!! WHERE IS MY LEFT EYE!?

(GERA command center, a young woman is sitting on a chair, briefing a subordinate)

woman : this was the very last image in his head. (a X shaped scar, think kenshin)
man : X?
woman : no, it's a cross *pronounced Batsu* ... it was the name he went by in his previous life.

(note: X as in a letter in the alphabet, and X as in the opposite of a check, such as when you get a wrong answer on a test... a cross out, pronounced as Batsu in Japanese. it's the name of the boy and from here on, he will be called "Batsu")

woman : we discovered a large amount of coated drugs *for smuggling*... "metal paranoia"in his stomach. (photo of the young man) they were trying to make a fortune by smuggling drugs to the yet unpolluted colony, however they did not take the changing atmospheric pressure during takeoff into consideration... the coating broke in that instant and the drug escaped into his body. it was a miracle that he's still alive but he had lost his left eye and fallen into a state of vegatation. however, "metal paranoia" had an unexpected affect on this boy's brain. the power of his subconscious awakened...! He's a psychojacker! in other words, he has the power to invade into other people's consciousness as a spiritual body and control them. he has surpassed Human Level. in addition, did you take a look at his data statistics? he is so curiously alike... to that rebirther on the run, No. 205 "Neji"! whether that is all a coincidence is still under investigation... how about it? I want you to make this "Batsu" into an exceptional killer, for the purpose of our plan to crush the insects who oppose GERA... the underground organization "Blanks"! you will help me, won't you, since it was I who helped you escape the accusations after your failure on Neji. ah yes. and how can we forget... what happened 10 years ago. hahahah... you were so adorable back then. since when did you become such an expressionless man, Loser...

(in a diner, neji working as the waiter)

time : AD 2034
man : neji! table 8!
neji : gotcha!
man at the table : thanks, neji.
his girlfriend : neji? what a strange name. he doesn't talk much, does he...
man : yeah, he's the new waiter that Girl brought back. his real name is... Axcel Boyde or... something like that.
girlfriend : hm...
text : that's not my real name. "Axcel Boyde" is just the fake name registered on my ID. I don't even know what my real name is. I was killed in 1992 along with my girlfriend, and then placed into cold sleep. and now... the year 2034, I was brought back to life as a Rebirther by the Government ESP Research Agency, in short "GERA". what's more, turned into an assassin with supernatural powers...! the heartless GERA researchers dissected my lover Snow White and killed her. in my rage, I killed everyone and that man helped me escape... Loser... he was once a Rebirther just like me.
loser (flashback) : [now go! next time we meet, I will kill you. Neji, live your life!!]
someone (pulls neji back from his memories) : Neji!!
girl (that's her name, the girl who saved neji) : this is no time for you to be daydreaming, Neji. do you want to get fired?
neji : Girl.
girl : don't forget that you owe me one for letting you work here!
guy at the counter : Girl never changes. yo, Neji, I hear that you're staying in her roommate Melanie's room, no?
neji (resting against the counter) : yeah, she's on a long trip... hey... do you know why she calls herself Girl?
guy : no idea. she never told us her real name. there must be a reason why she has guys your age owe her favors.
someone (suddenly) : Girl! Melanie...! she's returned but this is bad!!

(there's a crowd of people out on the streets, a girl is being carried through them, tied to a bed)

girl : Melanie!!
people : hey! stay back!
gossip : that looks like a typical case of Metal Paranoia's drug overdose. she's being taken to the drug addict clinic.
melanie :! I don't want to go...! I don't want to go to that place. any place but that...!
girl : Melanie!! (being held back by guards) let go fo me! she's not a drug addict!
neji : Girl!
girl : Melanie's parents both died from Heroine!! she hates drugs, she's part of the anti-drug movement! it's true! (the doctors push melanie's bed onto the ambulance) Melanie!! (the back doors close, marked with a GERA logo)
neji : [GERA!! (they watch the ambulance drive off) why is GERA...!?]

(at Girl's place that she used to share with Melanie and now with Neji)

girl : the drug addict clinic uptown is indeed backed by GERA, but I heard that of the more serious cases that go there, not everyone can return...
neji : not everyone returns!?
girl : well, it may be because "Metal Paranoia" is very powerful but... it's just very fishy how the cops are very lenient when it comes to Metal Paranoia. in addition...
neji : in addition?
girl : this is just between you and me, but Melanie may have something to do with the anti-government underground organization "Blanks". it would also explain her long absences.
neji (takes a drink from the fridge) : where does she work?
girl : she works as a dancer in a cabaret nearby.
neji : why don't we check it out. somehow... I have a really bad feeling about this.

(at the cabaret... back room, a group of people are gathered and a bunch of drug samples spread out on the table)

man 1 : look, this is the drug "Metal Paranoia" that even a 10 year old can buy at the street corner. it has a high degree of purity, the price is cheap and the effects are usually twice that of heroine... it's truly a demonic drug.
someone outside (wicked grin) : heya.
man 1 : recently a great number of our "Blanks" comrades have been hunted down and sent to that research center. all of them were poisoned by this drug.
intercom (suddenly) : trouble.
man 2 : what is it!? we're in the middle of a meeting.
intercom : we've been hit!
man 1 : what!?
intercom : all signals from Melanie... who was taken to the medical center has been cut off.
man 1 : Melanie!? every second counts now...! let's go and save her!
the "someone outside" : I hear... voices.
man 2 : but...! if this continues to happen...
"someout outside" : on the other side of this wall... there is a hidden room... (walks towards it) this is the way in... I've got it.

(the person outside is a boy, teenager, wearing a tank top. oddly, he looks kinda hollow or transparent, like a hologram or spirit rather than solidly there, he raises a hand and touches the wall, the hand slips right through)

man 1 : this plan is a bit risky though... (suddenly alarmed, turns towards the wall) ! who's there!? who are you!
others : what's wrong, Bill? what are you talking about?

(there's that boy standing in the room, others besides Bill can't see him though. he is wearing an eye patch over his left eye)

bill : don't move! how did you get in!?
others : bill!? who are you talking to?
bill (looks at the boy's feet) : [!? this guy... doesn't have a shadow!?]
one eyed boy (you all know that he is batsu right? common sense -_-) : this is interesting... (floats up in the air)
bill : !
boy : so... you're able to see me.
bill (crazily shoots at the ceiling) : WAHHHHH
others : stop it!! Bill! what's wrong with you!? (boy smirks, bill freaks out) you all... can't you see him!? THAT... ONE EYED KID!!

(batsu draws an X with his finger in mid air, the entire place explodes, outside Neji and Girl were heading over to the cabaret when they hear the explosion)

girl : that's from the direction of Melanie's cabaret!
neji : I'm going ahead first! (runs off)

(just then, the kid - batsu - in his psyche form floats out of the explosion site laughing)

batsu : ahahahahaha! (suddenly he sees neji who is standing nearby) !? (neji sees him as well and glares at him coldly) !

(neji blasts him with a giant energy ball, it hit batsu in the face. batsu's spirit form vanishes in shock, Girl is scarred speechless and falls on her ass)

neji : [he ran away...!]
girl : w... what the hell was that...!?

(in GERA command center)

batsu (jumps up, pulls off the device over his head, sweating) : who... the hell was that guy!
sonia (the woman talking to loser earlier) : Batsu! what... were you thinking...!

to be continued...
this act 2 is way too long, I'm splitting it up into several portions.